Destination Wedding Portfolio builder


Do you want to shoot Destination weddings but can’t get any work because you don’t have a portfolio of Destination weddings?

You can’t get great images to show off in your Destination wedding photography portfolio without a Destination wedding to photograph. You can’t get a Destination wedding to photograph without great images to attract your couples in the first place. What do you do?

Luckily for you we have some amazing countries to choose from.

Styled shoots are a great way to learn and a much more relaxed and stress free way to fail, after all we learn from mistakes. I’ll be on hand to offer some guidance but this isn’t a learning workshop as such. You’ll be given free reign to experiment and try different things. Things that are important to help you build as a photographer. Photographing weddings abroad can be challenging, especially harsh sunlight and logistics oh my god logistical nightmares, but the rewards can be so rewarding.

There will be around five to seven models throughout the course of the day for you to get a good variety of photos.  We will learn bridal preps, run through a typical timeline of a wedding day, a shot list and focus (do you see what I did there) on other aspects of Destination Weddings.

The portfolio builder will be aimed at photographers who are either amateur, semi professional or even professional and will be a small group of no more than eight people. Just please bear in mind this is not a workshop as such but a stepping stone to build your amazing portfolio.

Everybody in the group will have their chance to photograph the models for key shots and experiment with different poses and lighting situations throughout the day and the evening during sunset (weather permitting).